The Fiat Group or Fiat S.p.A. is an Italian automobile manufacturer. The company was founded in 1899 by a group of investors. One of the main investors was a man named Giovanni Agnelli. Fiat cars are manufactured worldwide.

Fiat initially focused on developing and manufacturing cars and today the company is responsible for prestigious firms such as Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Autobianchi, Innocenti, Abarth, Fiat, and Maserati.

The company has also diversified through the years and manufactures not only automobiles but also agricultural and construction equipment, buses, military vehicles, fire trucks, motorcycles, and airplanes. The company also produces metals and car components, and the company is also involved in the IT field as well.

Fiat has entered into several contracts with other car companies through the years, but Fiat has still steadily seen a decrease in profits over the past few years. In 2004, Sergio Marchionne took over Fiat as the company’s CEO. Since Machionne stepped in Fiat has taken an upturn financially and is likely to see an improvement image wise as well. Popular current models include the Fiat Doblo, Idea, Multipla, and the Panda. Other popular models include the Punto, Stilo, Croma, Grande Punto, and the Sedici.

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The Fiat Doblo is a van or a leisure activity vehicle. The Doblo was the recipient of the “2006 Van of the Year” award. The van comes with an impressive line of engines and is versatile enough to be used either domestically or commercially. The Doblo was first produced in 2001 and production continues to date.

The Fiat Idea is a mini MPV. The Idea provides sliding and folding rear seats. The five-door MPV provides engines that are Euro 4 compliant. The Idea was first produced in 2004 and production continues to the present.

The Fiat Multipla is a compact MPV. The Multipla offered two rows of three seats and provides 430-litres of luggage space. The Multipla was first produced in 1998 and production continues to the present.

The Fiat Panda is a city car that comes with the option of split rear seats. The second generation Panda received minor changes. The Panda comfortably seats four and comes with a range of engine and transmission choices. The first generation Panda was produced from 1991 to 1992 in the United Kingdom, and the second generation Panda was produced from 2003 to the present.

The Punto is a supermini that has been produced for three generations. The first generation Punto was produced from 1993 to 1999. It came in three-door and five-door form, and it replaced the Fiat Uno. The second generation Punto also came in three and five-door hatchback form and was produced from 1999 to 2003. In 2003, the Punto was enhanced with interior enhancements and an added engine option. The latest Punto is still in production to date.

The Fiat Stilo is a small family car. It comes in three forms; the three-door hatchback, five-door hatchback, and five-door estate. The Stilo replaced the Fiat Bravo and was produced from 2001 to 2007.

The Fiat Croma has been produced through two generations. The first generation was produced from 1985 to 1996. In 2005 the Croma was introduced as a large cross-over wagon. It comes in three trim levels and five engine options and is still currently in production to date.

The Fiat Grande Punto is a supermini that comes in three and five-door hatchback form, or as a three-door convertible. The Grande Punto replaced the Fiat Uno. The Grande Punto has been produced from 1993 to the present.

The Fiat Sedici is a mini SUV. The Sedici comes with four-wheel drive and is considered a 4X4. The Sedici was first produced in 2005 and continues to be produced to date. For more go to

Fiat is a very versatile and diverse group. The Fiat Company has been able to successfully grow and implement new innovative technologies within a broad spectrum of markets.

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