In 1910, William Durant, the founder of General Motors, was forced out of the company. He wanted to rebuild his reputation in the industry, so together with Swiss racecar driver, Louis Chevrolet, they began their own automotive venture. Chevrolet LogoOn November 3, 1911, Chevrolet was created. Incredibly enough, in only five years Chevrolet was profitable enough to allow Durant to buy majority shares in General Motors. By 1917 he was back as president of GM and Chevrolet was merged into the company. Chevrolet went on to become the best selling and best known brand of GM. Chevrolet has been sold around the world under other brand names assumed by General Motors such as Opel, Vauxhall, and Daewoo.
Recent years have brought financial hardship with rising costs and slumping sales. To counter this, Chevrolet is in the process of restructuring itself. Besides closing factories and downsizing its workforce, the company also plans on offering innovative new features on upcoming models. They are also planning on reintroducing one of their most popular models after seven years absence in the market, the Camaro. The popular muscle car ended production in 2002 but will reappear in 2009.

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